Madam Fiona , UK

Our family spent a week on the Adriatic Holiday first week of August this summer and it was totally fantastic – I think will go down as our best EVER family holiday. The boat is everything you could ever want and need on a boating holiday and the week was made by the brilliant crew. Captain Ante and his team were perfect; the route they helped us chose was beautiful (and the bays they found for lunch stops incredible), the food delicious, the activities and restaurants they suggested were excellent without exception and their ability to make us feel at home, welcome and relaxed onboard made the week what it was. They were wholly supportive of all the fun we had and we are so grateful for their efforts. We were 10 (aged between 60 and 22) and all had spacious, comfortable cabins with AMAZING showers and AC too. We couldn’t recommend the Adriatic Holiday more and hope so much to be able to spend another week onboard in the coming years. Thank you Ante, Antonijo, Luka and Ivan for looking after us so well, and for sharing your beautiful country with us!