Madam Cari, USA

Relaxing. Unique. Unforgettable.
Our week aboard the Adriatic Holiday was sublime. it was everything I dreamt it would be. One of my travel companions exclaimed, “how do I keep waking up in a place that is more beautiful than the day before?” Every day was spent gliding along the serene hills and mountains and charming seaside towns. Our captain Ante’s first priority was our safety and he was completely worthy of our trust in him. Still, he kept a lighthearted and playful atmosphere, allowing for as much flexibility in our schedule as possible. He was incredibly accommodating. He gladly helped us set up transportation to and from the ship every time we needed it and helped us sort out reservations while we were in port. We had a great time chatting with Ante, hearing about his maritime adventures all over the world. I’d go for beers with again Ante anytime. The ship’s chef Antonijo (AKA the ship’s Happiness Officer) did not disappoint! He did his best to meet all of our dietary accommodations. The meals we ate aboard were more delicious than any we had in port. Plus, Antonijo is just fun. Darko is an incredibly hard working first mate. He is so attentive; he knew each of our voices and our breakfast coffee or tea would magically appear while we were still wiping the sleep from our eyes. He gave such attention to detail and wanted to take care of each of us as best he could. Darko is lovely and my time spent getting to know him far too short. I had no idea that Croatian wines were so good! Darko’s wine selections were fantastic – I think we tried more than 10 wines and every single one was as good as the fine wines I routinely enjoy at home. Additionally, each crew member was attentive to, patient, flexible, and helpful with the small child that was part of our group. As for the Adriatic Holiday herself: what a beautiful, well maintained, safe, and well equipped ship she is! The cabins are perfectly spacious with good storage space. The water pressure in shower in my cabin is better than what I have at home! All the towels and other linens we needed were in good supply. One of my travel companions is a 6’2″ (>1.8 meters) bear of a guy and even he found the ship to be comfortable in most aspects. I also want to mention that I managed to badly sprain my ankle 3 hours before we were scheduled to board the ship. For days I could barely put any weight on my foot. Ante, Antonijo, and Darko made every effort to help me get around every area of the ship and keep me well supplied with ice packs and beverages. I spent my days getting sun on the bow deck, watching the stunning scenery go by. It was the perfect place to be if one finds oneself largely immobilized while on vacation!!!