Madam Madeline, USA

“Best family vacation ever”

For some context, we took this trip with 9 people of two families (cousins) – the 5 kids ranged from 20-25 – so we were certainly worried that it would be close quarters. However, it was quite the opposite and we never felt cramped. There were three large areas you could hang at and get away to relax – the eating/dining area, the front of the boat, and the top deck. There was only ever one day that we were actually on the boat traveling for a significant period and everyone had room to relax and do their thing.

Ante and his crew were absolutely amazing. Our safety was their first priority, and Ante made us a part of the conversation around what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, and what would be the safest and most calm travel route and sleeping spot. Also, someone was always up at night watching the boat and willing to help with anything and everything. We had three crew, and they fully understood when to give us space and when to hang, which was greatly appreciated.

As I mentioned, we had 9 people, but could have easily fit a 10th without it feeling crowded. The bedrooms were everything you needed to sleep comfortably and change, and the bathrooms had recently been renovated which was a nice plus.

Overall, we absolutely loved our trip and will remember it for a lifetime. The boat was beautiful, Croatia was too unreal to put into words, and we had the most gracious and kind crew. Would highly recommend this trip on Ante’s boat! I would do it with my family again, or would come back and go with friends as well.

Thank you for an amazing trip!