Madam Cecile

“This experience is what holiday dreams are made of!”

The only thing that rings loud and clear in my head when I reminisce about this week spent on the gorgeous Adriatic Holiday gullet with Ante and his crew is: when, oh when, can we go and do it all again!

From the moment we were welcomed onto this beauty by it’s friendly and very capable crew, we felt like we were living our best lives, right then.

The boat’s pristine condition, comfortable cabins, panoramic view of the ocean in the lounge, various water-sport equipment, delicious meals, brilliant docking suggestions combined with the most wonderful crew made this a summer holiday to remember.

We had some ideas of places we would like to see, and others were suggested to us as mentioned above – they did not disappoint in the least. The ocean was so incredibly clear and the little towns so beautiful, it was fantastic that we had the gullet experience to match these qualities of Croatia. We traveled from Split to Debrovnik, stopping at various islands along the way, and I would suggest the same for anyone considering this, as Debrovnik truly is the icing on the cake! We also thoroughly enjoyed Hvar, Vis and Mljet.

Ante is a very experienced captain so we felt safe and relaxed at all times, and since he is Croatian he knew the best places to dock; either for our enjoyment or to replenish supplies – all so well co-ordinated, we never noticed the management of everything on board. The crew somehow knows exactly when interaction is welcome, and when we needed to zone out and absorb our surroundings. We learnt a great deal about the history and culture of Croatia and that made it such an authentic experience as well.

The chef, Victor, and service on board was just phenomenal! Our requests were catered to endlessly and we tried some fantastic local dishes, too. Good selection of drinks and menu preferences. Meal times on board was a lovely and relaxed experience.

For those who are wondering, I am a person who easily get carsick, seasick and the like. Over the course of 7 nights I only felt a tiny bit queasy when we initially got on board. My body adjusted swiftly and I had no problems whatsoever the rest of the time, no medication.

For a holiday this delightful it is excellent value for money… I can say so much more, as we are so fond of the crew and their country, but it might cloud the things you really need to know, above.